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Niffie's Tips for Pirate's Plunder

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Niffie's Tips for Pirate's Plunder

Post  Niffie on Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:46 pm

I’ve fallen in love with this game and almost an addict already.
You can have up to four people come with you into this game. There are Npc boats too which will do their best to sink you and take your booty


You can choose Quick play or invite friends. Quick Play will connect you to the nearest party that still has room… but no worries if there are, no other pirates wanting to play you will go against all npcs (Non-Playing Characters). Invite Friends you need to be in a group before you sign in and then chose this and join to get all those in the party to get into the game

When you are being connected there is a map, which appears just after you accept the request to go to the different seas. On there you will see your port (home), the X marks where the treasure can be found as well as where the whirlpool and fast current are. This map is very important, as the whirlpools will port you closer to the treasure. Don’t panic like I did the first time. In some maps whirlpools are great and others.. um .. not so much. The fast currents are basically that… it’s a one way fast trip to the treasure. You can go against the current but it will be slow. There is also a cave right beside your home port this is where you can change which boat you want and the decal of you have on home flag and the flag flying on your boat too. Thank goodness that there are arrows pointing where either home port or treasure is sitting.


There are three boats. Juggernaut the largest boat and is most defendable but slowest of the three Boats. The juggernaut can also carry eight loads of treasure in one trip. If you want to fight and steal booty this is the one you might want to choose, as the firepower is stronger too. Cutlass is the medium size boat and can carry five Loads in one trip. It is much faster but is easier to sink. Eel is the smallest of the three is really quick on the turns. If you can hit it you can sink it really fast, but as this one is small it is the hardest to hit. Eel can carry four loads. My Favourite boat is the Cutlass as I like to out fox the Jugs and can survive the first hit. Also it turns faster and can get into many places the jugs can’t follow. Shhh… it’s a secret. If you need to do a really fast turn try holding down the down arrow as well as left or right arrow.

*Update* I've changed my mind and am using the Juggernaut as you get klilled to easy the with the Cutlass. The Cutlass is still a good one to use while you are learning but to win you will need to use the Juggernaut. It doesn't sink as fast and carryies more loads per trip


You use the arrow keys to steer your boat and also go forward and backward. Up is forward, down is backward, also where you get the brakes. Left arrow is counter clockwise… er turning port… er turning left when you are on the boat looking at the front of the boat (bow). Take which ever makes sense to you. Hense, turning right is clockwise… er turning starboard… turning right when you are on the boat looking at the front of the boat (bow). The only thing challenging is that you are not on the boat looking at the bow.. er front of the boat. So it can get confusing which key to hit.

Finally you hit the number 1 to shoot your cannons at the enemy and guess what they actually used the fact that in real life boats and have the cannons shooting at right angles from the boat. So you will need to turn or come along side to hit the other boats.

All I got for now… hope to see you on.. er under the water soon lol… kidding. Then, again gotta get that gold.

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Niffie's Tips for Pirate Plunder

Post  Destiny Moonshade on Sun Mar 21, 2010 5:04 am

Great research and post Niff...Can't wait to join you on one of these adventures!...Or maybe make a guild run...What fun!!
Destiny Moonshade
Destiny Moonshade

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Re: Niffie's Tips for Pirate's Plunder

Post  Ninja Clay on Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:41 pm

we should it sounds like fun i want to buy the pirate bed lol ahoy mate
Ninja Clay
Ninja Clay

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Re: Niffie's Tips for Pirate's Plunder

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