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Pirate's Plunder

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Pirate's Plunder

Post  Destiny Moonshade on Tue May 11, 2010 5:45 am

Pirate's Plunder is a MEMBERS ONLY mini game!!

Jolly Roger

Ol' Jolly Roger o'er in Seaside knows what he's talkin' 'bout! Ye scalawags think yer ready for th' high seas? Hoist yer sails and load yer cannons, because we're comin' to plunder!

Getting Started

"X" Marks the Spot!

To play, head to the new dock connected to Seaside's main beach, and click on the book stand there. The matchmaking window will pop up--choose Pirate's Plunder, click next and wait to be placed into a game.

There are three different minigame maps: Arctic Bay, Shipwreck Cove and Treasure Isle. The game randomly selects one, and you can either accept or decline its choice.

The minigame lasts for nine minutes in total. The general goal is to collect as much treasure and return it to your base as possible. The treasure can be collected by either gathering up the Treasure Chests or by sinking other ships and stealing theirs.

How to Play

Red's Home Base

Once you load into the minigame, take note of your color and base location so you can return to it easily when necessary. If you are the only player versus all AI opponents, then your color will normally be red.

Possible base colors are Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Green and Orange.

Remember, the goal is to collect as much treasure as you can within the nine minutes of play time, so move swiftly and have no mercy.

Blue's Home Base


Keys for Steering

Key for Cannons

To move, use the up, down, left and right arrow keys. Moving around takes a little bit of getting used to, especially when changing ships, so take a test spin around before diving in too far.

If you're not comfortable using the arrow keys for movement, you can also use the WASD keys to steer your ship around.

The only other keys you need to worry about during the minigame is the ctrl key, which is used for ship versus ship battle.


A High Seas Battle

Fleeing the Scene

To fire your cannons, use the ctrl key or mouse button. Ensure that your enemy in range so your strikes are effective. You can also ram your ship into your opponents, causing damage (but watch out for them ramming you back!). If your ship is sunk, you will return to base.

If you sink an opponent, their treasure drops onto the sea, and whoever passes over the treasure first steals it. Even if an opponent is shown as having no treasure above their ship, they will always drop at least one chest of treasure.

When you feel you are losing a battle, be sure to head back to your base quickly. This is where knowing your way around is very handy!

Returning to Base

Offloading Treasure

Healing Your Ship

Returning to base not only allows you to offload your treasure and have it counted into your score, but it also will heal your ship quickly! To return your treasure, head into your colored circle and stay within it until all of your loot is offloaded.

While you are in base, you are also invulnerable to attack, and so are your opponents when they are in theirs. When being pursued with a large load of treasure, its usually a good idea to head to base to avoid being sunk.

Ship Selection

While at base, you can can steer inside the cave to switch which ship you are using (the game does NOT pause during this time). The three starting ships are

The Cutlass is the ship you will begin playing with when you play for the first time. It is the most balanced of the three. The Juggernaut is a cumbersome ship to steer, which can make getaways difficult, but can hold lots of loot. It seems to have a bit more health than the other ships. The Eel is a small ship that can turn deftly and sneak around opponents, but its cargo hold is a bit smaller. It seems to have less health than the other ships.

Try them all out until you find the ship that works best for how you play! While in the ship selection, you can also change the decal on your flag at the bottom of the screen.

Cave for Ship Selection

Map Features

Taking a Whirl...pool

The Cannon Tower

Riding the Currents

Every map has towers that fire cannon balls constantly, so watch yourself when heading back to base, as each base has a cannon tower.

Whirlpools may look deadly, but they are actually quite helpful. These will take your ship to another place on the map quickly. There's usually a whirlpool near your base, and another one further into the map. No whirlpools will take you back to base, however, so plan your escapes wisely.

Whirlpools are also a good way to avoid getting sunk. If you are on the losing end and there's a nearby whirlpool, hop on in for the teleport, then head back to base for recuperation.

Currents exist on most maps and can either work for or against you. They do not move and always travel the same way. Trying to move against a current is practically impossible and can quickly lead to your demise in a ship battle. However, running with a current can speed you along to plunder or safety much quicker.

Each of these features could lean to your advantage if used wisely. Escaping opponents or reaching treasure faster is key with the whirlpools, while cornering an opponent into a reverse current or leading a chaser through cannon towers could lead to your victory. Always keep an eye on your surroundings!

Power Ups

There are three types of power ups on every map.

* Strong Wind - This power up will make your ship move faster.
* Ship Repair - This power up will repair some damage to your ship.
* Cannon Balls - This power up will increase the damage of your cannon balls.

The power ups only last a short time and picking up a new one will replace a previous buff already on you.

Strong Wind

Ship Repair

Cannon Balls

You will be randomly placed in one of three minigame maps. The play style is the same for each, simply the terrain and appearance is changed.

* Arctic Bay
* Shipwreck Cove
* Treasure Isle


There have been some quests found around Sacred Grove associated with this update!

* Farewell Feast
* No Prey, No Pay

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